i was going to call this post "big trees, bigger fun", but decided that sounded too much like the tagline to a bad movie sequel.

given how late and drawn out our plan-making was, the quality of hendy woods state park was surprisingly good.

the campsite was full, but the trails were completely abandoned and just littered with clovers and huge redwoods.

ok, so wine and campfires isn't quite the same level of awesomeness as brian's annual beer pong bash could have been, but it was cool to just hang out and do nothing in the woods.

donal plays with the fire.

allie and donal, checking out gowan's fruit stand. eating camp food is fun, but i think i hit my yearly quota of trail mix and dried fruits.

allie playing apple seller.

pile of wood along the freeway. 30+ft high, 300+ft wide, all barcoded and neatly stacked.