aiite, yeah it was a bit of an exaggeration to say i was battling a 'fever'. but i was really not ready for this bike ride: out of shape, vaguely sick, definitely tired. what can i say: pedro, ian and gang were very pursuasive!

waves to wines is like a mini ragbrai: 2 days of biking, 1 night of camping, along the conveniently-close california coast.

ian and pedro, looking dashing at the crack of dawn on saturday.

a better geek would have brought his gps recorder along, but i was mostly gadget-free on this one. basically, we jetted across the golden gate bridge, up the coast, and into wine country over the course of 150-175 miles.

(i was really irritable about having to wake up at 4:30 on a saturday, but wines were promised. oh, and it was for a good cause, apparently.)

most of day one was spent chasing pedro and trying not too freeze -- it got rather moist out..

everyone leaps off their bikes at an opportunity to use the first pit stop..

i wasn't at all in shape for the 75 mile ride, and i definitely wasn't in shape for the optional 100-mile century "upgrade". were tim and pedro understanding, and did they respect the masculinity of my request to skip the upgrade? of course not. of course not.

at least there was good scenery along the century, such as this monolith dropped amid local livestock.

we probably only saw a couple of other riders along the century. some say we were late. i say we were hardcore.

a pit stop full of lovely free snacks. kudos to the organizers!
and kudos for us to munch on.

here we are at the campground.

i guess i decided a beard would be a good idea on the ride. i spent the whole evening looking like some sort of nordic, whiskey-drinking guy named sven.

tim, pedro, and sven warm up with a shot.

the legendary big montana: survivor of many storms! holder of many bodies!

jessica and ian, squirreling around. c'mon guys, we've got tents to pack here..

nearing napa, and the promised wine. oh and a good cause.

ian, sara, and elisa enjoying a delicious meal at the end of it all.

the whole crew, at one of the few rain-sheltered tables. score! (not pictured: pedro, who had to immediately head home and drive to tahoe for the night. maniac.)

bikes loaded, back to the city. all in all, i give this very convenient and well-organized ride a 9/10 moustache rating. first rate!