thanksgiving 2009: this night was so well documented that i'm doing a deliberately poorer-than-usual job cataloguing it here.

the birdsong clan were this year's hosts and, aside from spending an uncomfortably long amount of time simply staring at their raw turkey, did a pretty swell job.

(dave also made everyone feel a little nauseated with his "hands on" cooking technique.)

i made the wakerly family signature deviled eggs ...

... and pigs-in-a-blanket ...

... which attracted considerable (though predictable) excitement.


even local vagrants were welcome to this table.

mulling guests with mulled wine.

dave eyed any and all offers of kitchen help with a defensive (and occasionally violent) paranoia.

the two mikes mashed it up.

as the men cooked, the girls stole unattended cameras and took pictures of themselves in all sorts of odd, squishy poses.

that's right: there were so many desserts -- and the table space was so inadequate -- that they spilled over onto the chair. daaaamn.

i'm out.

the always ill-advised leftover "nightcap" meal.