visiting susie for her graduation was awesome: just about 5 days of relaxing, tourist stuff, and tasty treats while hanging out in boston.

i elected to take the redeye (getting in at 5:30am on a thursday) rather than the normal-eye (something like 6pm the same day).

this dispatch brought to you by... the coolest street address marker.

we clambered up the hill behind susie's place. i'm sure this wasn't the worst of a boston summer, but my decision to wear jeans was starting to feel quite foolish.

a broken swing and a working swing await us.

so after we clambered up the hill, we scrambled down to catch the train to downtown.

here's the start of the liberty trail, aka a big red line zagging its way around downtown, to which all tourists are directed.

first stop: franklin cemetary.

they just don't make them like they used to; modern tombstones just don't have that 'spook the crap out of small children' look...

we stop for a break in a park by a harbor.

...where we both take turns getting a picture with my lemonade cup.

downtown boston architecture seemed pretty modern.

i am a sucker for gaudy neon. and wine bottles that come in baskets.

mike's pastry is as much of a boston institution for this family as is randy's doughnuts in la. (although to be fair, i think the crowd is a bit bigger here than in inglewood.)

lots of treats with funny names.

top rack: cheese on bread, marzipans, other snacks.
bottom rack: eyeballs.

i task susie with fetching the cannoli, as i'm quickly intimidated by the bostonian grumling i'm hearing from behind the counter.

suz and i find a nice terrace with a skyline view and enjoy our treats.

how many boyscouts does it take to get sick of their period-dressed tour guide?

on saturday, we made the very wise decision to start/join a pub crawl around 2pm. here's the lovely 'hong kong' bar, home of $1 teriyaki sticks.

graduation day! susie and seth caught in a very rare moment of affection.

this was one of my favorite parts of the trip: 30 minutes into a creeky, rattling, lumbering ride on the 'red' line, all power (save this light) goes off. susie and seth, escorting susie's gown, play it cool.

we eventually escape.

pictures from inside graudation weren't great, but suz is somewhere in there.

...and we have a master! congratulations susie!

the end.