being the sole survivor of a ww2 plane crash -- and, apparently, years of lobbying -- eventually entitled my grandpa to free healthcare from the va. he's long insisted on going nowhere else (despite some means), and a recent bout of trouble has had him confined here for months. it was well enough of a reason to visit chicago.

(summer chicago weather includes flash thunderstorms, and a momentary break in these obliged to make my shitty pocket cam snap, above, look like flickr hdr candy.)

it'd be pretty easy to get turned off and depressed by the architecture of the place; it is a simple sprawling compound of bleak brick.

rather than this, i actually found a lot of comfort in how consistently brick, sad, and weathered all of the buildings look in this area. it is the throw-away, prefab'd subway or walgreens look here and there that really got me down.

lots of free time was passed with some mandatory eating: baked goods from relatives, portillo's italian beef, deep dish pizza, and far too much white castle.

one of the better pleasures of the trip was visiting not-so-long lost dombo; a reprise of very good times hanging out and doing nothing of merit.

mistakes were made, and mistake food was eaten.

next up: another old friend -- and a new camera lens -- in our nation's capitol...