this weekend has been a superb mix of outdoor activity and indoor laziness: summer is here.

i spent the better part of saturday looking like this happy fellow: sleeping in until an unprecedented 3 pm. been a long time since waking up to dinner as the first meal of the day, but it sure was fun.

hung out in berkeley for a bit; despite the lovely big trees in tilden park, i found the jail-cell comforts of this oakland bart bathroom quite appealing.

it's been eight years since i last kayak'd, but doing so in sausalito on sunday was quite fun. seals must not taste very good, because there were zillions of them out grazing.

i guess i've always thought something was fucked with tibet, so it is has been fun to see all this pro-tibet activism blanketing the city, in conjunction with the olympic torch run through san francisco. and the tibetan flag is quite pretty (and probably a rare, ironic example of cheap consumer shit not manufactured in china.)

just the same, all these tibetan flags popping up everywhere remind me of 9/11 hey-i'm-a-patriot magnets. i mean, christ - you can still see the fold marks on this one.

topped off the last of the sunday sun with a boys-against-girls game of bocce in golden gate park panhandle.