it turns out that your author took his fancy camera out for a change, snapped some photos, and forgot all about it for the next 6 months.

set your calendar back, and your notion of dispatch continuity aside, for this delightful trip to and from eugene, oregon!

we found accommodation in this rather beastly building. the man working the desk was the consummate professional, which was a bit of a problem; at 1am, the price for checkin was the same as 4pm.

the next morning, it took us a long time for allie to get all of her ducks in a row. then we left.

if you've never stopped at 'heaven on earth' on the way up to eugene, well... you're missing a good chance to be abducted into fundamentalist servitude.

(delicious servitude, mind you, but a bit fundie and robot-looking.)

on the way back, we picked up ted and brought him to tahoe. we couldn't pass 'weed, california' without enjoying a delicious pizza.

allie tries to contain her excitement and euphoria following another elegant dinner outing with me.

nothing says 'i've got a 4wheel-drive vehicle' like a photograph whenever you actually use it.

there's something about carved signs at road stops like this that force you to take a picture with them. they could just as well say "notice: occasional wind" and "cars ahead" and we'd still need to report back with a snap.

so, our great plans to camp at lassen were dashed by (quoting the weather service) "impassable" roads, and "no supplies", and we bolted straight for tahoe for the night.