it would have been silly to simply complete ragbrai and just head home, so we took a short road trip to visit dombo in chicago.

the first night was a boys only affair (the girls stayed back in iowa for family dinner and polite talk); appropriately blurry picture stolen from donal.

day two started with us in the opening line for johnny's italian beef. see that face above? those half-open eyelids, that relaxed, drooly mouth? this is dominic's beef face, and we all had it.

never seen the man eat faster.

then we did lots of touristy stuff. i've probably taken 30 or more trips to chicago and never seen the corncobs or bean up close until now.

and here's the bean. a great example of something that is still awesome despite getting old, heavily touristed, and photographed to no end.

dombo and i soaking in the heat.

dom and his girls.

team sit and spin, sans kyla (who left iowa straight for dc.)

pete stands alone.

donal meets a friend on the "short" walk to the hancock building.

we go up for cocktails.

they stay the altitude adds the same effect as 0.8% more alcohol.

the trip ends in a smorgasborg of deep dish stuffed pizza, white castle, and dairy queen (?).