not a lot happened in december before my computer broke, taking with it photos of lots of travel & junk. so instead, here are a few photos of night out that must be newsworthy.

we went to the buckshot, a bar in the richmond district ("the biggest little comatose neighborhood in the world"), which was supposed to feature free skee-ball. in this case, it turned out free = $1, so the great intramural skee-ball tournament had to be deferred.

here is the elusive lindsey, out in public long enough to be tricked into holding two beers so she could be blackmailed by me on the internet. ha ha ha. got you, you lush!

look at him.

andrew d loved his namesake vanity license plates so much that, in a moment of insomnia-induced ingenuity, he decided to commission a custom t-shirt. for all those times he isn't being seen behind the wheel. very impressive.

(on the downside, he is now much easier to ticket for jaywalking.)

(you will just have to imagine the rest of december being as awesome until i recover the rest of the photos.)