procrastinators have the most fun. if i had made plans in advance for valentines day, i never would have taken this madcat train trip with allie. we probably would have been lounging comfortably and without hassle at some forgettable hotel, or congratulating ourselves on our excellent foresight in dinner reservations.

but there i was, t-minus 24 hours to the big enchilada and still with nothing planned to do. a few clicks, a few bucks, and a few hours later, we're on a 9pm night train to portland.

modern essentials for night train travel: a few bottles of wine (in-cabin picnic) and a few dvds.

here's allie peeking out of our tiny little room.

the awesome part about this particular route (emeryville to portland) is that you wake up right when it gets scenic, passing through the snowy cascades through shasta.

the chef takes a break.

a brief stop in klamath falls, and we're back underway.

after arriving in portland, we hit the road and cruised down hood river, where i'd hung out a few years ago.

what's a good romantic getaway without an old college buddy? the next day, we tracked down and and dog, and hiked up a waterfall together.

there's dan and allie... i think...

good dog. usually.

dan's dog detects the bacon i've been storing in my breastpockets...

...and suddenly bolts to me topple me and liberate the bacon.

dan immobilizes the dog in his patented "dog sleeper hold".

allie and i grab a few erotic dougnuts at voodoo and call it a trip.