hey, it's a new year's road trip! tag along with allie, andrew, kyla, and mike as we track down some long-lost friends in looneyville. that's right, seattle!

(i was trying to think of a good caption for this photo, but they all sounded too phoney.)

morning! after a long drive up to portland, we break into dan's cozy little house and go right to bed. here's andrew, the last to get up, and the first victim of my camera.

allie got up at the crack of dawn to stare out this window. it was like poltergeist. it was really creepy.

doing makeup -- or doing drugs? it is always hard to tell with kyla.

getting locked and loaded for a trip downtown, before continuing onward to seattle.

how many happy roadtrippers can you fit in a phonebooth? four!

seattle! here we have andrew, acting very chill in ted and erica's sweet pad.

we strolled around and i got a crappy photo of some neon.

round two of our favorite roadtrip game, "makeup... or drugs?"

aww, no fair, this one was makeup.

and here's our genial host, ted!

ah, it's the lovely erica, and -- OH NO, WATCH OUT BEHIND YOU!!

andrew was very testy because we would not allow him to visit the zoo. he spent the morning in a fit before we got him a lolly.

in the afternoon, we walked around the "gasworks", where we stumbled upon this group, my favorite bluegrass band. (the chick is the singer, the tall guy plays bass.)

team pacific-northwest!

couch pals.

andrew and dan have a little lan party together.

meanwhile, the ladies make some excellent two-buck-chuck sangria.

party time! ted and erica invite some buddies over, and we take turns testing the limits of ted's subwoofer. it got loud.

janine can't believe how many voyeuristic photos dan has on his memory card. dan takes another.

(from dan's camera.)

scott and erica, squishing their hands in some spaghetti.

our massive, blinky collection of gear.

so erica had the smart idea to sequester us in a hotel downtown; here we have eric and andrew, on a 2am food run with me. surprisingly, it was very, very difficult to find anything downtown at this hour. we are foolish tourists

ted really wanted us to see this playground for some reason. i got the impression he visits it often.

day... 3? and no new year's eve is complete without a trip to the.. library..?

another fun road trip game: "library.. or strip club?"

its "go time", hours before midnight, and we have one very saucy boy refusing to give up his hotel chair.

allie hanging out in the bathroom -- i forget who took this one.

nothing says "makeshift hotel bathtub cooler" like, well.. a makeshift hotel bathtub cooler.

andrew's outfit for the night was just fabulous.

the girls...

...and the boys.

dinner time. we all humor dan and his not-very-good puppet thing he does.

"ok, let's set our alarms for 5:30am and go to the rooftop hotel pool when it opens and see the first sunrise of the new year! it's totally going to work!"

hey, happy new year! and.. who the fuck is that guy?

ted and erica took us to some sweet jazz club with a view of the space needle (and a very comfortably-sized disco ball.)

there's a joke here somewhere about andrew and being very horn-y..

midnight has come and gone, and andrew and allie are all smiles.

good morning, 2010! we head to a sports bar to catch the USC game, and of course, to continue drinking (?)

i didn't realize it at the time, but ted was clearly very jealous of kyla's egg.

bye guys! thanks for hosting! hope we didn't make you sick or anything!


portland, where allie disappears up a ladder without explanation.

january 2nd: as we roll out of town, we make a stop at screen door for their famous knife-lanced chicken-friend waffles.

oh man.

and so we leave. 400 testy, strung out miles later, the new year has begun. good trip!