ian and sara and company threw a bbq; i'm not sure they know it but this has become something of a may tradition (this is the third consecutive may bbq by my count.)

grilling comes so naturally for elisa that she uses the time to catch up on the phone with old friends on the east coast.

this one was a bit difficult for yours truly: in a fit of extremely latent pre-teen rebellion, i had announced a few weeks earlier that i'd no longer be eating meat. the number of messages of disbelief and [honestly very appropriate] derision was only bested by the number of public, group meat-eating opportunities that suddenly presented themselves.

of course, what kind of friend would mike be if, upon learning this, he didn't immediately look for ways to systematically taunt and abuse me for doing such a silly thing? (liam's raised eyebrow says he's seen this shit before and can only laugh.)

i think this was intended to be a video capture, because mike is clearly in the middle of sermon on the virtues of meats-on-sticks.

my substitute passport for bbq fun was roundly rejected by mike.

anyway, the first bbq of the season has its usual hitches, such as accidental winter friends (not pictured) and the startling coal-bag bottoming-out.

...a sooty misfortune that we all had a good laugh at.

we finished it all off with some ordinary pisatachio-bacon ice cream treats.