memorial day weekend; the mother of all 3-day weekends. and what better way to celebrate than with a west coast invitational beer pong tournament?

teddles -- one half of your correspondant's fabled team, soggy brow -- flew down from seattle on friday, to get a head start on the competition. he is very excited to be back at zeitgeist.

later in the day, brian showed up. going in to the competition, team dom and brian (he's the brian part) were not seen as a very serious threat, mostly due to their burrito-a-day pre-tournament diet.

representing the inland empire, marn and justin do the lord's work, lugging the keg up several flights of stairs.

jason unexpectedly shows up, defrosts the kegerator, and vanishes.

with the games about to begin, the ladies look pretty and exchange gossip about the athletes.

though they possessed excellent form...

...dom and brian were eliminated first, to the much-detested reigning champions, soggy brow.

what a good sport.

after nearly 6 months of unabated trash talk, team scarf jerks finally takes the pitch, against diminutive walk-ons, team beer otters.

... and in a shocking upset, they're out!

the skies have opened up for team tall to tower over the competition.

meanwhile, dominic is a very happy boy.

we're down to the final battle of the tournament, as team tall is felled by the clumsy and improbable underdogs, beer otters. meanwhile, marn and justin have drained the keg and left us with rather questionable beverages.

and soggy brow takes the victory! the good guys win again!

naturally after a day of non-stop immaturity and binge drinking, someone has passed out between my bed and the wall, and is only discovered days later.

joshua makes an appearance.

all gave some, and some gave all: ted, having put his whole heart into the game, is down for the count. good weekend!