i've always been a big supporter of the local law enforcement community, so you could imagine my elation at getting a ridealong with these three hard-working detectives.

they're a peculiar crew, always running to and fro with no apparent reason. that's detective cochese (left) and bobby, the rookie, right. the kid's got a good heart, but makes a lot of mistakes. cochese lives to bust bobby's balls, but secretly i think cochese likes him.

the chief (center) showed up for a little bit. cochese and bobby were on better behavior with him around, but i got the impression they all like to 'bend the rules' a bit -- especially if it means getting the 'perp'.

cochese enjoys a beer while on the job; this guy was being a "real knucklehead", so cochese gave him a "knuckle sandwich".

bobb-o enjoys a little bubbly on the job. "be sure to get that to evidence, bobb-o, along with your ding-a-ling", said cochese.

a local boy scout joined us for part of the night. he earned a merit badge for being just swell.

towards the end of the night, the chief stepped in on a domestic disturbance call.

peg and al; these two "lovebirds" were getting violent.

the boys in blue head back to the mothership.

as the shift wound down, cochese gives the rookie "a little initiation". pow!