i told kat recently something to the effect of, "my website is carefully constructed to portray me as having fabulous non-stop fun". so i thought i'd at least show a typical day at the office, just to show her things are totally not at all contrived here, starting with the disco dance floor outdoor rave party.

at night, after work is done, we dress up in glowy things...

if you normally wear glasses, you need glowy glasses to go with them. and lots and lots of beer.

video games are set up and the lights are turned down.

the main auditorium is converted to a giant dance floor, complete with flashy "rave donut with sprinkles".

outdoors, you can grab a high powered laser pointer and draw grl-style graffiti on the buildings.

(incidentally this saves me from making the trip to deustchland to get my electro uber anarchist on.)

after everyone is good and sauced, we watch our coworkers try to play rockband on an outdoor stage.

a normal day; i swear the annual google dance had nothing to do with this stuff, there was just more beer than usual..