as in previous years, too much drink and not enough time on the dancefloor of the company holiday party. most excellent.

i'm glad to see one of my signature cooking recipes (read: one of 3 known dishes) is making a comeback at the party scene: pigs-in-a-blanket.

recipe (mine):
- 1 tube crescent rolls
- 1 package lil' smokies (looks like vacuum-packed brains)
pop crescent roll tube with spoon, from a safe distance. slice each crescent roll triangle into 3-4 pieces. for maximum diversity, choose different shapes for slices: triangles, kites, strips, trapezoids. wrap slice around a smokey, leaving ends exposed. (if entertaining, build 3-4 pigs completely covered by dough & have guests hunt for them). place on UNGREASED cookie sheet. bake. enjoy.