flying to la for new year's was great, but i paid for it on new year's day: i had to catch a morning flight back to san jose, to catch an afternoon flight back to la, to catch an evening flight to kona. super typical planning on my part: hey, let's take this hangover mobile, on an airport tour.

i think dustin's face really says it all. 8am hoofing it down a warm, empty, hungover la street to his car. really saved my ass with the obscenely-early airport ride, though: thanks, dusty.

got in to kona past midnight, for a few hours sleep before a morning activity of snorkeling. saw a couple dolphins enroute.

you couldn't tell from the crop, but that's the family, on a boat, in a cave.

i bought an underwater enclosure for one of my cameras before the trip. you'd be hard pressed to distinguish the results from a disposable fuji in a ziploc or two. this miserable specimen was actually the best of the bunch.. sigh..

though the fish photos were crap, the sunsets in this place are a beautiful swirl of strawberry and amber. your correspondent came very close to breaking this site's color-free motif due to some of those shots.

and here we have the sisters and i, goofing around taking photos from our b&b.

if you've never been to waikiki, think las vegas with a beach: lots of people. stores selling purses. a cheesecake factory. yeah.

in total we spent four days in kona and one in waikiki. i could have taken a lot more kona and a lot less waikiki, but i ain't complaining. short, but sweet; a good trip.