i ended my old year and started my new year shooting guns and playing records. starting backwards: ted and i traded dj sets at brian's rocking new year's party. intimate, but loud and fun; the start of the new year was unexpectedly cool. bummed i'll be missing the reprise party, though.

earlier that day, we shot guns. lots of guns. brian, ted, and adam (our host) were much better gunslingers than i.

i can't say why i thought of this pose, but it seemed familiar; in any case it sucks for inspecting ammo. that's a .45 round there, son.

ted got the best 'dirty harry' picture of the bunch. brian said that straight-on (as in barrel-between-the-eyes straight-on) shots are banned in video game marketing material. i guess that would make this shot legal.

enough guns; how about a nice happy game of rockband to cleanse the pallet?

if that wasn't enough to wash away the taste of gratuitous violence, here's kate and "brother kate" looking adorable at their own house party, a couple days before.

i have lots more pics but it takes to long to give them the black-and-white-and-overexposed treatment. need to figure out what to do about that. all in all, an excellent trip.