i think it a fine tribute to a man to say: i never knew one could spend two blocks walking between bars, starting and finishing a bottle of champagne. this is the legacy mike g leaves, on his trek to hawaii.

my sister sent me a truckload of steaks for christmas, and i couldn't think of a better way to enjoy them: grilling in the cold with mulled wine and good people.

i'd be lying if i didn't say i'd miss this guy or tried to make a joke, so i'd rather let the pictures speak for themselves.

brianna says this is how she got her black eye. not one to judge, but i call pre-existing condition.

i think gabe is a major baller.

some sass from kate.

at this point i do believe the mulled wine had taken desired effect.

some excellent stubble from the brothers g.

look at all that fucking steak.

worse, not only was it the last night with mike, but it turned out elisa was shipping out imminently, too. gorging on meat wasn't enough; we continued the night with a few heavy-handed drinks at the gold cane.

tape ends here.