finally! the posts here were getting too big, too heady, too important. too america.

it is back to the basics with this dispatch: documenting the mundane (and in this case, highly caloric) day-to-day non-adventures i come across. presenting: your guide to building egg burgers.

step 1: fill up your propane tank.

step 2: lure friends and assistants over with beer.

step 3: success! cheers to your cunning ruse!

step 4: designate an egg-builder, and have him begin building eggs.

step 5: meanwhile, grill several meat patties.

step 6: fold fried egg bits over the center, so that excesses do not spill out of patty.
marvel at your handiwork.

step 7: apply cheese to patties. slice a small onion, and begin grilling it. begin toasting buns: a toasted bun is no bun at all.

step 8: assemble egg-and-bun units.

step 9: join egg-bun, patty, and onion.

step 10a: enjoy!

step 10b: enjoy!

step 10c: enjoy!