it seems like only a year ago that i was having my birthday... wait, that's because it is my birthday!

this year was extra awesome: kyla and ted had the great idea to throw a dance night at li po, a little dive off in chinatown. ok, so maybe we started planning the party without that little birthday detail in mind.. but in the end i secretly told people its total purpose was to celebrate me, and it turned into a great friend-filled weekend.

i'm terrible at organizing things, especially last minute events that require talking on the telephone, but the fine folks at beretta took me and the impromptu birthday group of 18 on very short notice -- and we didn't even have to sit in the kitchen. here's pedro (who made the drive up, and back -- on a school night) and allie.

jenny and padday (who was very surprised to be caught fork-in-mouth.)

colleen and narnie are joined by kinnari -- who, despite her looking like she blinked at the wrong time, was actually having waayy too much wine.
(just kidding, kin! i think?)

meanwhile, around the bend, our favorite irish friends have launched into a game of let's-clench-our-fists.

good friends, kat, mike and scott: have you ever seen a better set of almost believable fake smiles?

brian, just arriving with the la boys, tried warming up the girls with one of his trademark groan-inducing bathroom-talk limericks. allie had a good laugh, but brianna wasn't having it and made him leave. we didn't see him the rest of the night.

when we got home, "hospitality justin" promptly occupied the most usable section of the couch, and scored the lovliest blanket -- leaving the other boys bedless (and loveless.)

the crippler! josh made it up from santa cruz, just in time for some bbq at memphis minnies.

the always-popular "sandwich cam" does a lap around the restaurant, before saucering into brian's lap.

if this wholesome summertime activity looks familiar, then you might either be remembering labor day dom 2008, or your increasingly-distant college days.

mike g teaches the la boys all about hungarian rules, a beer pong variation so dangerous that i've already said too much.

night two, not only has hospitality justin reclaimed the best bed and blanket, but he's also found the best pillow (if a bit barky).

hey, it's ted and ky setting up at li po!

this was our first dj gig together, and it was a lot of fun; we had the run of the questionably-fire-safe basement over there, which we totally overprovisioned with subwoofers and flashing lights.

the crowd moves in, drawn to our bogus, crayon-scribbled "free drinkz downstairs" sign.

people are having so much fun dancing that they have to sit down and cool off.

donal, padday, and mark: a fine bunch of lads!

now would be a fine time to point out that most of these shots are thanks to allie, who expertly snaked around the crowd for most of the night with her camera and flash. thanks allie!

now would also be a fine time to point out that, despite the crazy cool stuff you can do with a controller instead of straight-up vinyl, you are often just twisting knobs and pushing buttons. which really isn't that cool. moving on..

a sandwich of sisters!

(he's looking at the sister sandwich.)

bravo for andrew on the anchor steam tip; bud light brian, really? this is worse than that bad limerick you told brianna.

mr ted, after his set?, with the ever-ebullient erica (our first time meeting, and most definitely not the last!)

sara, pedro, and kat, looking sharp.

kat, hanging out near the fan, and -- OH NO, look out behind you! it's that killer from the news!!

a very amusing candid moment captured.

a rather severe fellow and a mostly bemused girl.

as the night wears on and the humidity starts accumulating on the walls, ian busts out his moves. notable mention: jenny in the background, keeping it conservative with her textbook disco point.

ted at the controls.

dan holds the crowd back, and prepares to do something big...

dan drove an amazing number of miles just to concentrate all of his energy into this one dance move, a split second which was perfectly timed to the camera snap. seconds later, he grabbed his coat, ascended the stairs, and drove off back to oregon without a trace.

brianna has an article of clothing stuck in the floor fan, while brian begins shouting another limerick.

tragically, efforts to extricate brianna from the floor fan were unsuccessful. pete sings a traditional himalayan song of mourning, deposits the body on the couch in the rear, and dances alone for the rest of the evening.

julie tries to defend herself against 2003 east lansing kissing contest winner mike g. (hopeless: he's that good.)

it ain't easy rocking it.

the night winding down, ted and i start up a tag-team "mistake" set (which has since become a staple of our sessions): in which we challenge eachother (and the crowd's eardrums) with a blend of question breaks, dubstep, hip-hop, and happy hardcore selections.

liam pushes away the paparazzi while trying to chat up the local girl; see the rest on

ted: "mike, yo set suck so much, CRICKETS wont even listen to it!"
kyla: [uncomfortable laugh]
mike: ohhh, he better stop it..

ted: "DEAD crickets! ha-HAH!"
kyla: best not to get involved... i'm not involved..
mike: "alright now... you've head your fun.. you've had your fun --"

mike: "you've HAD your FUN! [pushes] now thats ENOUGH!!!"
kyla: tra la la!.. didn't hear anything!

the incredible thing is, we'd switched off the amplifiers 15 minutes ago -- and padday was still keeping time.

the old la roommies: thanks for making the trip, eric, dan, brian, and justin! as well as jen, alex, lacey, and karissa, and everyone who made it out to the party. we had a lot of fun and can't wait to do it again.

(and ted and i are cool again.)