dominic is returning home to chicago, so today marked his last saturday in the city; you can see what i think of the decision. in any case, it was a good opportunity to (a) jump on trampolines, (b) have a bbq, (c) have a party, (d) all of the above.

the first stop in the day was a giant warehouse of trampolines. we realized a bit too late that 2pm on a saturday was prime kiddie time, so we were the big kids. but being the big kids means finally getting picked first, for some..

...though, some of the big kids were out pretty quickly.

the girls found additional ways to have fun.

we returned home to have a bbq. neighbor daniel brought some new kind of doritos, which was an instant hint with many of us -- including byron, who quickly opened the second bag (despite plenty of capacity in the first) and stationed himself around it in the backyard.

a joking suggestion to pedro to "make that meat" again, actually came true when he rolled over with a huge f'ing quadrant of tri-tip. probably spent an hour cooking this, and it was gone as quickly as it came off the grill.

cups were flipped, and altercations were kept to a minimum.

even the reclusive and homework-saddled meemer made an appearance.

after we shifted to party mode upstairs, everyone was all smiles.

i think this sums up several kinds of chaos.

a great party; nothing like excessive meat and alcohol to district us all from goodbyes.