for three years, i told good friend andrew i'd visit him in dc. finally visiting, mere weeks before he moves back to california.

ok, so the airport wasn't the most interesting sight, but something about iad looked weird and cool.

one of our first orders of business was drinking an imperial pint or two of andrew's delicious guinness beer tap.

we spent the first afternoon/evening tooling around on the metro and seeing the sights.

vietnam. this memorial really casts silence on anything in its reflection.

not shown: the controversial world war two monument. grotesque and poorly placed in the middle of the mall at the end of the reflecting pool, i couldn't believe how masterfully the war had been reproduced as a bad mall fountain/courtyard. which is a shame.


pro-lifer protesting against a very lifeless, windowless supreme court building. (check out the wad of used lifetape.)

day two was like a family and friend reuinon. little sister susie, andrew, and friend katie and i all went out for dinner. (we went for sushi, but between the four of us there was only one fish eater; i got to have some awesome sushi-shaped onion-stuffed beef logs).

what happened after dinner could only be described as an all-night all-city crawl. we ran in to downstairs neighbor kate, who blew in to town for a convention. she -- wisely, and like susie -- called it a night at a sane hour.

here pedro and i get a little rest at 2am; with at least 5 more hours of activity ahead, this was far from the end of our capitol hill bender.

katie's bright idea, which andy and i quickly (and questionably) supported, was to walk to the whitehouse. well underway in some direction at 4am...

6am and, as they say, "mission accomplished".