seriously, i'd love to have a good reason for the dearth of good photos from this break, because it was an awesome one: a few days in chicago, a few in eugene, a few more in tahoe, had to be at least one full day on the road. there was a lot of quality time with quality people, and a very fun new year's party.

but, i finally recovered my pictures from the trip and find myself asking: why.

why don't i have any better photos than this silly one of ted (who made a severe error in his ski school application)?

why are gina and kevin so happy, and what have they done to our eyeballs?

why don't i have a good shot of ted, allie and i road tripping it in the car?

why did ted and i decide it would be fun to play iceman-and-maverick-shoveling-snow, and let allie photograph for evidence?

why are people hiding from me at the new years party, and why is that man talking to the curtains?

why, it is 2009, that must be why!