the biggest surprise of the afternoon was not that kyla was getting older -- happy birthday, kyla! -- but that she has such a huge-ass back yard. whoa! we need to do this more!

unfortunately i don't have any shots of the expansive yard (it was large), because i was distracted by all this sliced meat.

kyla had a bit of a mishap and was nursing a rolled ankle; she says she "fell" down some stairs. you wouldn't even know from the pictures unless i pointed it out.

the lovely sisters, no doubt in the process of selecting their favorite boys and/or meat.

puppy and friend.

here we have mason (on the right) and his buddies, who are tagging along but don't really know kyla.

you totally wouldn't be able to tell that from their comfortable, i-definitely-know-everyone-here-and-received-an-invitation expressions. (sparks helps, but only so much.)

so as it got cold, the bbq winded down and kyla and sis went out dancing; the rest of us somehow wound up at dirty thieves in the mission.

here we introduce the very dramatic dana (right).

the night is not complete until someone gets ambushed with the frankenstein flash / midget vision.