lately something has me thinking a lot about human consumption and waste. maybe my prepackaged caesar wasn't that great. a couple random things i've looked at recently seem relevant --

chris jordan's photography on consumption really brings it home. the non-overlapping details of running the numbers are technical feats in their own right, nevermind the message. and really cool looking. those images reminded me of another photographer's work i haven't had the pleasure of seeing in person, michael wolf's architecture of density. tightly cropped images of infinitely dense living structures just look inexplicably gorgeous, though at $8k a print the only thing likely to grace my walls will be a sincere form of flattery..

then i stumbled across some of james howard kunstler's writing on the american landscape (i guess that's what you'd call it).

i do enjoy how kunstler can find his unified theory of the demise of the us everywhere: a photo of some swinish 'nascar' types -- probably an easy target -- finds them destined, to my surprise, "to be machine-gunned on their way to the Grand Canyon in a Tucson convenience store by a meth-crazed unemployed sheet-rocker." yes, gotcha, -- wait, huh?! maybe i don't get any of this after all.