I am Mike Wakerly and this is my internet home. I go by mikey if we’re just using one name, because there are often plenty of other mikes around. I’m envious of people with unique and uncommon names.

I am an engineer primarily because I love building things!

  • In the 90s, I built a ton of crappy web apps; the primordial days of the web. All of them are now thankfully dead.
  • In the 2000s, I was a founding engineer on, and then shipped several generations of, Google’s massive cluster networking fabric. A lot of what we invented is now termed software-defined networking.
  • In the 2010s, I founded and led the engineering team at a venture-backed startup, Button. We built some incredible technology and product, but I’m proudest of my role in building the company, team, and culture.
  • Most recently, I have built and am scaling a small profitable SaaS business.

I work part-time as an advisor at a handful of tech startups and at one public company. I typically help with growth and leadership related challenges.

What else am I up to? Hopefully, that’s what the blog is about. I’ve found that building teams is just as exciting and challenging as building technology, so I like to write about both.

This domain has been my internet home since 1996.

Why hoho? Why not. I was a teenager; the internet was young, bright, and fun; and the name was available. Sorry, it’s not for sale.


You can find me on LinkedIn and Twitter, if you like.