I can be a control freak. So when it was time to produce a video for the Kegbot Kickstarter Campaign, we had to do it ourselves.

Shooting the video was a mysterious, time-consuming, frustrating, and rewarding process all in one.

A big reason we were able to do it was thanks to exhaustive Google research on other projects, and on amateur filmmaking in general. In an attempt to give back (and on the off chance it can benefit someone else), here are a few notes and observations from the process.

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New Project: Kegberry

I made an all-in-one Keg Monitor and Digital Tap list for Raspbery Pi, using (what else?) Kegbot components as the basis.

Check it out at kegberry.com, and see the discussion on Reddit.

Earlier this year I walked out of Google for the last time as an employee, after almost 9 years, tens of thousands of changelists and code reviews, and – sigh, of course – countless free meals.

I recently had to give a friend some advice about whether to join Google. Instead of writing the typical (and boring) “My genius is too big for the place!” resignation post, I thought I’d focus on all the good stuff about Google.

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